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Itinerary - Chania (7 days)

Itinerary - Chania (7 days)


e-book only


This is a proposed travel itinerary for Chania, Crete. Chania is located on the west region of the island of Crete. The e-book is designed to give you a brief taste touching on the best the region has to offer; the food, the vibe, the diversity, the adventure, the beaches, the culture and the people.


The proposed itinerary comes in the form of a mobile friendly ebook, accompanied by an interractive map. Included within:


  • Key information about the trip and destination (travel requirements & trip essentials)

  • Trip highlights and recommendations

  • Trip checklists (pre-shopping lists, destination checklists, daily checklists)

  • Detailed daily proposals with routes & stops

  • Tips & tricks and cheat sheets

  • Ability to take notes within the e-book, add personal information and check the checklists

  • Access to a google map with all proposed routes by day

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