"There are 227 Greek Islands, which one will YOU visit next?"

My Greek Island

About My Greek Island

Hello and welcome to My Greek Island. My name is Maria, I am a Greek Island travel guru and the founder of My Greek Island. I founded this site to share the wealth of knowledge I have gathered from my personal travels in an organised and simple way to inspire your next destination in Greece, but also provide tips & tricks to plan a seamless travel experience.

For me the real luxury of travel lies in a simple and seamless experience, allowing you to explore and emerge with the destination, the culture and the people. So, together with my partners that share the same passion as me, we have created mobile friendly proposed itineraries & routes inspired from our travels organised in a simple and user friendly way. 

Greece is a country with approximately 227 inhabited islands, each of which have their own unique character, scenery and identity, yet only a handful or two are known to the broader public. My dream in life is to visit each and every one, especially those less touristic and under the radar and tell their story. 

For years I have been the Greek Island guru for all my friends; Where to go, where to stay, how to get there, must visit, what to avoid, island combinations and general tips and tricks.

Now I am your Greek Island guru too and help you find that island which talks to your heart, Your Greek Island!

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